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Interviews with L'Adige and Trentino newspapers on Fob and Dolomitenfront Opera

March-Apr 2015

Shooting of the locations for the "Battle of  The Mainarde" Documentary. 60% of the German defence lines in the high mountains have been catalogued and shot.

Feb 15 2014

Press Coverage from Brandenburg University

Dec 23d 2013

Interview with Fr H. Völck in Seeg (Algau) for the "Battle of The Mainarde" Documentary

Nov 15th 2013


Working days with Monika Kienle, Vlada Negovanovic' and Zdenka Milanovic'

Aug 2oth 2013


Technical Rehearsal at Brandenburg University

  June 2013

Setting up the office in Berlin

March 2013

Signing the contract with Brandenburg University

Nov 13th 2012

Presentation at Campus Party Berlin

Aug.25th 2012

Working visit of architects D. Cancelli and F. Arcese with Joern Heitman

Nov 2011

Kick off meeting at Katapult's

Feb 2012

Shootings on the battle locations of the mountain sector of the Cassino Front for the "Battle of the Mainarde" Docu-Film with eye-witness Antoniuccio Di Mascio


Aug 2011

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